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Feature overview

Description Shorthand Research API Hidden API
search videos tt_search tt_search_api tt_search_hidden
get video detail (+file) tt_videos - tt_videos_hidden
get user videos tt_user_info tt_user_info_api -
get comments under a video tt_comments tt_comments_api -
get who follows a user tt_get_follower - tt_get_follower_hidden
get who a user is following tt_get_following - tt_get_following_hidden
get raw video data - - tt_request_hidden
authenticate a session - auth_research auth_hidden

The goal of traktok is to provide easy access to TikTok data. This package one started as an R port of Deen Freelon’s Pyktok Python module (though it is a complete rewrite without Python dependencies). It now covers functions from the secret hidden API that TikTok is using to show/search/play videos on their Website and the official Research API. Since the Research API misses some important features (and since not everyone has access to it) it can often make sense to still use the hidden API that mocks requests from a browser. However, an important disclaimer for the hidden API applies:

This program may stop working suddenly if TikTok changes how it stores its data (see Freelon, 2018).

However, the last times, it was fixed rather quickly (e.g., #12).


You can install the development version of traktok from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")